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Renfrew Park Community Centre Spring Recreation GuideSpring Program Guide online.


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Register Online Monday March 2, 9:00am @ www.vancouver.ca/renfrewrec

In Person Tuesday March 3, 9:30am @ 2929 East 22nd Avenue

Via Telephone Wednesday March 4, 9:30am

@ (604) 257-8388 ext. 1

From piano to swimming to soccer, to belly dancing. Whether you are interested in sports, arts, fitness, health and wellness, or personal development, we have got something for you.

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Spring Break Programs


Breakfast Club 6-12yrs
Start the day right. Have breakfast with your pals before Day Camp! A simple breakfast included! Your choice of cereal, waffles, toast and fresh fruit!
Mo-Fr 8:00-9:00am Mar 9-13, 16-20
26202.10*RF $20/5 sess; $5/drop-in


Spring Break Day Camp 6-12yrs
A fun filled Day Camp includes games, arts& crafts, swimming and field trips! Program subject to change. Children may be attending outtrips such as visiting Science World, Vancouver Aquarium, laser tag, and bowling!
Mo-Fr 9:00am-3:00pm Mar 9-13, 16-20
26201.10*RF $110/5 sess


Pit Stop 6-12yrs
Join us in winding down from an action-packed time at Day Camp. Activities will include quiet games, reading, cards, and more. Bring your favourite book or game too! Some gym time will be available if the group has enough energy.
Mo-Fr 3:00-5:30pm Mar 9-13, 16-20
26203.10*RF $30/5 sess; $7.50/drop-in

Spring Break Leadership Camp 10-13yrs
This is a pre-teen leadership workshop for today's youth promoting tomorrow's future. Youth will be engaged in developing leadership skills such as teamwork, public speaking, goal setting and community involvement. This program is run at Slocan Park 2750 E. 29th Avenue.
Tu We Th 10:00am-2:00pm Mar 10-12, 17-19
35927.10*RF $39/3 sess

Red Cross Babysitting Training 11+yrs
So you want to be a babysitter? Or, your parents want you to take this course so they feel confident leaving you at home alone? Babysitting with First Aid Hero emphasizes learning through real life scenarios. Covered in this course:

-Exploring the Business of Babysitting
- Creating Safe Environments
- Safely Caring for ages 0-12
- First Aid Skills
(please bring a lunch for the day)
Su 11:00am-6:00pm Mar 15
27226.101RF $60/person


Badminton Camp Richard Le 6-18yrs
Shuttle I/II - Beginner/Intermediate

Learn the fundamentals of badminton from a professional badminton coach. The program introduces basic racquet skills, movement, and coordination required for badminton.

Mo-Fr 9:00-10:30am Mar 9-13
6-14yrs 23034.101RF $70/week
15-18yrs 33034.101RF $73.50/week
Mo-Fr 9:00-10:30am Mar 16-20
6-14yrs 23034.102RF $70/week
15-18yrs 33034.102RF $73.50/week

Shuttle III/IV-Intermediate/Advanced
This intermediate and advanced program reviews and improves upon the basic skills.
Mo-Fr 10:30am-12:00pm Mar 9-13
6-14yrs 23034.111RF $70/week
15-18yrs 33034.111RF $73.50/week
Mo-Fr 10:30am-12:00pm Mar 16-20
6-14yrs 23034.112RF $70/week
15-18yrs 33034.112RF $73.50/week



Renfrew Park Community Association

explores the needs for diversity and interculturalism within the organization, developing new initiatives to build a stronger, healthier community. More info. . .




Spring 2015 President's Message

A I am truly honored, as President, to have the opportunity to serve and represent the Renfrew Community and the Renfrew Park Community Association (RPCA). The Association is fortunate to have many individuals stepping forward to volunteer their valuable time. All good things happen as a result of the efforts of Volunteers who believe in their Community and work to improve it. I am looking forward to working with a dynamic mix of dedicated and hard-working Volunteers, Association Board Members, Vancouver Park Board Staff, and Association Staff.

The RPCA is a non-profit society made up of Volunteers who work jointly with Vancouver Park Board to deliver programs and services. The Association,s mandate has remained the same over the past 50 plus years. We work collaboratively with Park Board Staff to make the Centre a place where health and wellness are at the forefront. The development, support, and delivery of programs and services reflect the diversity and uniqueness of this Community. These programs and services enrich

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Bus Trips

A Senior Participation Form and 19+ Parks Board Waiver form must be completed two days before the tour. Forms can be picked up at the centre office.


West Coast Express- The Teahouse Restaurant 55+yrs
Tu 10:15am-6:30pm Mar 17 REGISTER HERE 55701.103RF $89/person




There will be a full meal with entertainment and door prizes.


St. Patrick's Day Luncheon 55+yrs
We 12:00-2:30pm Mar 25 REGISTER HERE 55615.103RF $9/person



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Artists Opportunities

Renfrew Park Community Centre will be looking for artists, who would like to show their art work. Selected art work will be displayed for two months. If you are interested in showing your work please submit (by email) 3 digital images to Cheryl Palidda cheryl.palidda@vancouver.ca


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