Pet Pageant 
Enter your pet photos, videos or bring your pet on September 6th, 2014 for full rules and details please go to our website at
Best in Show (any pet) Best Behaved Strangest Cuddliest Hairiest Baldest Loudest Shiest Friendliest Top Dog Top Cat Top other Largest dog Smallest dog Grumpiest cat Talent Show (Videos accepted)
Please register at the Community Centre office and send your submissions via email to: 

Photo Contest 
“A picture is worth a thousand words” Contribute to Renfrew’s 50th Anniversary!
From now until August 20th submit your photos of Renfrew! Let your photo tell your story about Renfrew!
Prizes will be awareded to a variety of photo winners during our 50th Anniversary Celebration on September 6th Submit your photos (max 3 photos) to:
for full rules and details please go to our website at CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE RULES



Renfrew Park Community Centre Fall Recreation GuideWe offer an amazing variety of recreational activities for people of all ages!


Fall Program Guide online.

Click here for registration information.

Mon August 11 Online @
Starting at: 9am

Tue August 12
In Person @ 2929 East 22nd Avenue Starting at: 9:30am

Wed August 13
Via Telephone @ (604) 257-8388 ext. 3
Starting at: 9:30am


From piano to pottery, swimming to soccer, bridge to belly dancing. Whether you are interested in sports, arts, fitness, health and wellness, or personal development, we have got something for you.

Find a Program

To learn about the specific courses we offer, click here to be redirected to the City of Vancouver Website.

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Summer Daycamps

Looking to keep your children excited and engaged during the summer months? Check out our child and youth day camps at Renfrew Park Community Centre. We offer full day trip camps and specialized camps including sports, science, art, dance, swim & slide, cooking and more!

Camps start July 2 and run weekly until August 29. Register now before the fill up! We also offer before and aftercare camps


View our Summer Daycamps Brochure | Search our Summer Daycamps ONLINE



Bus Tours Calendar

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Senior Participation Form must be completed two days before the tour. Forms can be picked up at the centre office. For ages 55+ yrs

Whistler Out Trip
Please bring a lunch
Th 9:00am-5:00pm Aug 14
55701.302RF $20/person

Secret Cove/Half Moon Bay
We 8:30am-4:30pm Aug 20
55701.304RF $109/person



Renfrew Park Community Association

explores the needs for diversity and interculturalism within the organization, developing new initiatives to build a stronger, healthier community. More info. . .



Fall 2014 President's Message

In preparation of our 50th anniversary event, our organizing committee has been pulling out dusty boxes and sitting in libraries, pouring over old photos, microfiche, and newspaper stories about Renfrew. The committee wanted to honour our community’s history, and by doing so, they’ve discovered that over these past five decades, although some have come and gone, others have deepened their family roots here, our demographics have changed, and as our city has grown and evolved, the heart of the Renfrew community has seemed to have remained a constant fixture. The number of community organizations that the RPCA has had the privilege of working with over the years is a testament to how our community seems to capture the heart and win over so many. Renfrew is home to thousands of volunteers who work tirelessly to nurture our community’s diversity and spirit. It is upon reflecting back on the history of how we got here that we can truly appreciate who and where we all are today. I for one am so grateful, not just for my fellow volunteers and staff who have dedicated themselves to grow our community today, but to all of those who have come before us. Those who have built our community brick by brick and hour by hour. The community centre isn’t just a place - volunteers and staff strive to make it the very centre of our community - its heart - and it is all of you who make that truly possible. From the Renfrew Chinese Senior Group, which tirelessly organizes so many events to ensure that all feel welcome and included, to our youth-led volunteer program ‘YOVO’, to our dedicated community artists, and my fellow volunteer board members, among countless others - all of you in your unique ways keep the spirit of our community alive and vibrant from the work you do at Renfrew. When you choose to take a program, join the board, or attend community events or programming meetings, you are a part of this continuing legacy. The (free!) 50th anniversary event on September 6th will celebrate these past fifty years and the legacy of similar dedication by fellow community members. It will celebrate those who have come before and those who continue to give of themselves and their time and expertise, to advocate and guide our community, to ensure our unique needs are met and that everyone feels a sense of belonging and meaning at the Renfrew Community Centre. As a member of the RPCA, you are a part of this legacy. You help to ensure that the RPCA can continue to meet its mandate: to provide cultural, recreational, and arts-based programming that is unique to our community’s needs, and which is inclusive of us all. I want to personally thank you all for all that you do and for keeping our community the thriving hub that it is today. Happy 50th, Renfrew! I hope to see you all on September 6th!


President Renfrew Park Community Centre Association, Hazel Hollingdale






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Artists Opportunities

Renfrew Park Community Centre will be looking for artists, who would like to show their art work. Selected art work will be displayed for two months. If you are interested in showing your work please submit (by email) 3 digital images to Cheryl Palidda


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